What items to put on your resume

Recently our editor received a request from a good acquaintance to help her write a resume. Nothing, it would seem, supernatural, but there was one significant problem: the applicant had no work experience. No experience at all. I had no time to feel sorry for myself and complain that no one will take me anywhere without work experience - the circumstances of life forced to find a job as quickly as possible, and for this you must first at least buying a resume. And not just write his name, phone number and wishes for a salary, and something to attract, hook the employer so he called you for an interview - and then everything is in your hands. By the way, getting ahead of the curve: the work of this friend still got, and now successfully works as a journalist.

So what to write a summary, if you don't have much to write? Probably, each of us has once asked ourselves this question - we all started somewhere and looked for their first job. Some people had it easier: during their studies, some had time to work as promoters, call center operators, or something else. But still for many people writing their first resume is like climbing Mount Everest - you don't know which way to go, where the dangers are hidden, and how to find the very path that will lead to the top, that is, to work.

Title and Position

Never, remember - NEVER write words like "any job", "will consider all offers", "student", "doesn't matter", "looking for work", etc. on your resume. Forget that these terms even exist. Something labeled with a title like that is not a resume, but a piece of paper that will immediately go in the trash. Do you want to find a job? Do you already see yourself as someone, even remotely? What did you study for? Ask yourself these questions and listen to your answers. They are the title of your resume, the desired position. Yes, still, it is worth adequately assess yourself and moderate ambition - a resume from a student with a desired position of "top manager" looks frankly ridiculous. If you already have an idea of what you want to work as, start with the first step to that position, such as "Assistant Accountant," "Trainee Java Developer" or "Assistant Lawyer.